Mortgage payments: equal interest VS equal principal
For most people, buying a House needs to borrow from banks, this involves an important issue, bank loans in two ways: equal principal constant interest method and a method. Many people do not understand the two methods, so that loans dear, today I detailed to you about equal principal differences and their applicable constant interest and crowds.
What does that equal principal should be used in place? For investment buyers, and a house down payment and higher proportion of buyers equal principal is more advantageous. Investment buyers are hoping for a speedy on the one hand out loans to avoid House dependent on cash flow. In the case of a loan for a short time, quickly out of loans. Select equal principal is better. Can save a portion of the interest on the one hand, on the one hand you can quickly reduce the remaining principal, said the remaining loans in times of need rapidly changed, and then refinance the House.
in essence, equal principal method with equal-and without a great deal of advantages and disadvantages of the principal Act, mostly according to the situation and needs of everyone. Equal to memory, planning, principal and interest repayments. In fact, most people prefer the "matching method of repayment" because the monthly payment on a fixed repayment pressure balanced, with equal principal difference is not very large, and growth over time, will have a different value for money. Of course, there are many relatively well-off, want to make life easier for their future and cost savings, will choose equal principal law. Simply select which mode of payment, according to each person's situation and plan for the future, and don't blindly believe what others say.

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